Our Workshops

Participants attend our workshops for a variety of reasons and often have unexpected experiences which trigger profound changes. Explore your path…

Workshops are suspended until further notice


Workshops for men

We offer a range of workshops throughout the year. We welcome your curiosity, we welcome your desire to learn more about yourself, we welcome your potential for growth.

Workshops are suspended until further notice



Body Electric

We offer unique workshops for adults seeking to realise more of their potential and to connect on deeper levels with others.

You will be supported to experience your potential as an integrated and self-aware being by honouring the wisdom of your body. This promotes healthy and positive changes within yourself and your relationships.

Opening up to the wisdom of our whole body is one of life’s great discoveries. Join us at Body Electric to celebrate your body’s capacity to be a truly valuable and authentic guide. Whatever path you choose our workshops create this opportunity.

You will be safely supported to make your own choices and be open to the growth and transformation that emerges.

We welcome your curiosity. We welcome your desire to learn more about yourself. We welcome your potential for change and growth.

Scholarship Fund

The Chester Mainard Scholarship Fund assists participation in workshops for those who may not otherwise be able to attend.



“The workshop and BE are both fabulous. It is impossible to explain as every guy experiences different things. It is about getting into yourself. There are strict rules which create a safe, secure environment.“


“An opportunity to let go of shame & guilt around the human body and powerfully express all of who you are.”

“A wonderful experience that took me places I had never been and connected me from the heart with this amazing group of men.”

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