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We offer unique workshops for adult men seeking to realise more of their potential and to connect on deeper levels with other men.

You will be supported to experience your potential by honouring the wisdom of your body. This promotes healthy and positive changes within yourself and your relationships.

Opening up to the wisdom of your whole body is one of life’s great discoveries. Join us at Body Electric to celebrate your body’s capacity to be a truly valuable and authentic guide. Our workshops create this opportunity.

You will be safely supported to make your own choices and be open to the growth and transformation that emerges.

We welcome your curiosity.

We welcome your desire to learn more about yourself.

We welcome your potential for change and growth.


You will be part of a community of welcoming, open hearted men. Body Electric currently hosts a weekly Heart Circle where men can speak freely of themselves and listen to others with concern only for their wellbeing.


You will be free to express yourself in an open and unjudgmental community. Freeing yourself of prejudices often instilled from childhood will help you grow to be the real you.


You will discover the issues which are important to you and learn to abandon things which are holding you back from being happy with yourself emotionally and physically.


Accepting yourself is only the start. You will also see the wisdom of accepting others for who they are, leading to deeper and more fulfilling relationships.

Our Next Workshop

Celebrate the Body Electric (CBE)

Katoomba NSW | 4th to 6th February 2022


Our introductory level workshop is open to all men, we welcome new members and graduates.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get $100 OFF Your Ticket Price When You Book Before January 23rd 2022!


When You Participate In The Workshop:

1) Taoist Erotic Massage Techniques

You will learn the ancient wisdom of the Tao, to give and receive a whole of body Taoist Erotic Massage that will allow you to enter into a state of blissful loving connection with your fellow man.

2) Tantric Breathwork Practices

You will learn to utilise Tantric Breathwork to circulate Eros (erotic energy) throughout your body to expand your capacity as a lover.

3) Breakthrough Bodily Shame

You will take home a greater respect and acceptance for your own body.

4) Sensual Freedom

You will move beyond the fear of performing in intimate situations, expanding your sensual repertoire beyond simply playing with a hard cock to experiencing the electrifying orgasmic potential of your whole body.

5) Unlock the Spirit of Eros from Within

You will learn to fly within, experiencing the primal connection between your erotic and spiritual self.

6) Erase Isolation From Your Life

You will take home a truly authentic connection with yourself and lifelong memorable connections with your fellow workshop attendees.

About Us

Body Electric is a not for profit, incorporated association, owner and managed by its members. We have an elected committee which organises workshops and deals with the day to day running of the association.

We live in all parts of Australia and are all races, creeds and occupations. All men, no matter what their sexual orientation or beliefs are welcome.


I enjoyed the opportunity to let go of the fear of being naked in front of other men. Body Electric has heled me to learn about what it is to be an erotic being and to give and recieve intimate touch without expectation. This has enabled me to access a deeper and more loving connection with other men.

“The workshop and BE are both fabulous. It is impossible to explain as every guy experiences different things. It is about getting into yourself. There are strict rules which create a safe, secure environment.“

“An opportunity to let go of shame & guilt around the human body and powerfully express all of who you are.”



Connect with others more deeply and authentically than before, establish better boundaries, and feel more respect from those around you.

Essential Goals

Our essential goals are for all men to lead full and satisfying lives, free of prejudices and feelings of shame which is often instilled in us as children for not conforming.


We run in person and internet workshops. Please see our calendar for information of those which we currently have planned.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Step. Express Yourself.

We keep the cost of workshops to a minimum so that as many men as possible can attend. If someone cannot afford the fee charged we have a scholarship fund which may be able to assist.

It is our aim that cost should not prevent anyone from benefiting from the Body Electric experience

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