The Body Electric
Vision & Mission

To be in the world where our erotic energy is celebrated in loving, open- hearted community

To offer opportunities to grow self-love, compassion and community through integrating erotic energy

About Us

Opportunities we have created



Join those who have attended our workshops over the years.



Body Electric offers a series of transformational workshops.


Scholarship Fund

We have supported participants through the Chester Mainard Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Body Electric in Australia is a not-for-profit incorporated association that:

  • offers experiential personal growth workshops for adults
  • teaches how to awaken and sustain full-body erotic energy through the power of touch
  • explores the growth potential of erotic energy and recognises the body’s wisdom as ancient, sacred, playful and profound
  • is dedicated to building an open-hearted community based on acceptance, openness and integrity

  • is committed to creating opportunities for discovering more of your potential through touch, conscious breath and honouring the wisdom of the body
  • welcomes all sexual orientations and identities are where all spiritual paths are honoured
  • explores the intimate connection between our erotic and spiritual selves
  • values and promotes the importance of individual consent
  • promotes relationships of greater intimacy, openness and integrity
Registered name & ABN

Body Electric Incorporated
ABN 31 623 041 030

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