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  • Celebrate Mature Eros
    28 April 2022 - 1 May 2022
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Are you living to your full erotic potential? Are you maximising your possibilities for living a rich and full life? Are you “blossoming” in the way that you would like to be in the world?


Are these questions touching a chord with you? Perhaps this uniquely designed Body Electric workshop is what you are looking for.


No matter what your age, you may be noticing some parts of your life that would benefit from some fresh erotic experiences.


Body Electric has a well-known reputation for helping men of all ages and identities to find new and enhanced erotic energy.


CME was developed several years ago in Australia and has since been exported to the USA. Many men have reported that this particular workshop has helped them to stop, reflect and gain new perspectives that have supported them in living with more power, contentment and purpose.


By facing the challenges of ageing and dying head on, we can let go of fear, and take hold of life.