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  • Saturday Afternoon Delight
    2 May 2020 - 23 May 2020
    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Saturday Afternoon Delight

We invite you to join us on a four week virtual journey each Saturday afternoon  commencing May 2nd to May 23rd, from 3pm to 5pm. The Online Workshop Series will be with a group of like-minded Body Electric graduates, coming together to explore various ways to connect with ourselves, with our breath, with our body, and with other men. We will set up a safe space to explore and celebrate our erotic body in an online, video conference format.

Using intimate and large groups, we will experiment together as we explore our five bodies in ways we may have never done before. We will use the safe and honouring Body Electric framework we are accustomed to, in order to gently progress into deeper connection over our four weeks together.

In our time together we will explore breathwork, touch, new ways of experiencing a big draw, playing with sensation, tickling the nether regions and exploring deeper connection to ritual. There will be some homework to practise between sessions.

What you need to attend

  • You must be a CBE graduate
  • An internet connection
  • A private space to attend the workshop. Preferably a bedroom, or a comfortable space where you know you won’t be interrupted
  • A screen large enough for you to clearly see others in the workshop. Preferably a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, in a room with decent lighting and a clear camera. Please only use a phone as a last resort. If you must use a phone, please ensure you will be able to see the screen, and have the phone supported on a sturdy tripod stand.
  • Strict protocol of confidentiality as with all Body Electric workshops.
  • Please either wear a cordless headset or use your computer speakers. Please do not use a headset with a cord, as it will obstruct some of the exercises.
  • Please bring a willing, open heart, and a playful, curious spirit

This workshop series will be strictly limited in numbers on a first in, first served basis. Do not hesitate to seize the opportunity to join, at only $200 per person for the 4 weeks.