UpcomingTribal Body Balance

  • Virtual Workshop
    30 June 2020
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Male CBE Graduates $40.00 (AUD)  

Join us for a Body Electric online experience for CBE graduates.

The Tribal Body Balance session provides the opportunity to stop, take deep breaths and connect with other BE men in a virtual setting.

· build your energy through movement

· balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through heart-centred meditation

· build and spread your erotic energy through a guided Big Draw ritual

· heart sharing with other men in a sacred space

The session will enliven your energy and allow you time to create connection with others in the group.

The guided erotic ritual will be conducted with a safe environment protocol to allow you to connect deeply with your own erotic experience. The guided ritual will include 4 opportunities to have a big draw.

When: Tuesday 30 June at 7pm for duration of 90-minutes.

Price: $40

What you need to attend

· You must be a male CBE graduate

· Internet connection

· A private space to attend the workshop. Preferably a bedroom, or a comfortable space where you know you won’t be interrupted

· A screen large enough for you to clearly see others in the workshop. Preferably a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, in a room with decent lighting and a clear camera. Please only use a phone as a last resort. If you must use a phone, please ensure you will be able to see the screen, and have the phone supported on a sturdy tripod stand.

· Strict protocol of confidentiality as with all Body Electric workshops.

· Please either wear a cordless headset, or use your computer speakers. Please do not use a headset with a cord, as it will obstruct some of the exercises.

· Please bring a willing, open heart, and a playful, curious spirit.